[GRLUG] vtigercrm, Amazon EC2, SLES 11 and Outlook/vtiger add-on

Eric Beversluis ebever at researchintegration.org
Thu Jan 23 16:17:57 EST 2014

Seems to be working now. Apparently you need to include '/index.php' in
the logon URL (unlike accessing the site from a web browser). I thought
we had tried that early on without its helping, but maybe we didn't try
it after setting up the elastic IP. Whatever.

On Thu, 2014-01-23 at 10:48 -0500, Eric Beversluis wrote:
> Maybe someone here has an idea. Neither the vtiger forums nor the Amazon
> EC2 seem to be able or willing to help.
> We've got an Amazon AWS EC2 installation running SLES 11. Installed on
> it is vtigercrm 6.0.0.It has what EC2 calls an "elastic IP":
> http://n.n.n.n/tavtiger. There's also a subdomain URL from our domain
> mapped to it.
> We have no problems connecting with different webbrowers or via SSH. But
> our problem is that when we install the vtigercrm add-on to M$ Outlook,
> and we try to log into vtiger from Outlook, it claims 
> "vtiger server not found, please check the vtiger url."
> The Outlook add-on works fine to a vtiger instance on our local server
> (ClearOS/CentOS).
> It doesn't seem to be a firewall issue, since setting the Security Group
> Inbound Rules to allow all ports from all IP addresses still results in
> the 'vtiger server not found' response.
> (Although earlier versions of the vtiger/Outlook add-on are open source,
> only the .exe of this latest version seems to be available. vtiger 6.0.0
> stable has just been released and so the Outlook Add-on 6.0 is also
> brand new. But either the developers of the add-on (I think it's people
> are crm-now) don't look at the forum or they're not able to help...).
> Interestingly, the vtiger Firefox toolbar plugin works fine and doesn't
> have any URL problems.
> It also seems to be the case that the add-on has been changed from a
> SOAP to a RESTful web service.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks.
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