[GRLUG] fstab query

Mark Farver mfarver at mindbent.org
Tue Nov 12 14:24:56 EST 2013

Try putting the /dev/sdc2 entry into fstab instead of the UID.  Make
sure you can then mount and unmount the drive by typing "mount
/mnt/ioSafe"  If that works then you can reboot.


On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 12:57 PM, Eric Beversluis
<ebever at researchintegration.org> wrote:
> We are trying to insert a line into fstab on a ClearOS (based on CentOS)
> server to mount an ioSafe on reboot. Something doesn't seem to be
> working right. The first time we rebooted after inserting the line (see
> below) into fstab, it crashed. We removed the line from fstab and
> manually mounted the ioSafe. Another time we tried again; this time it
> seemed to boot ok but the ioSafe did not mount.
> Are we going about this right?
> We formated the ioSafe this way (retaining the GPT partition table):
> Num Start  End    Size   File sys Name                         Flags
> 1   17.4kB 134MB  134MB           Microsoft reserved partition msftres
> 2   135MB  4001GB 4001GB ext4     Basic data partition
> (Research seemed to suggest it best to leave the MS reserved partition.)
> The fstab line we entered was this:
> UUID=dd06173e-9fb2-47f8-8841-5ed96e4d4ee4 /mnt/ioSafe ext4
> defaults,nofail 0 0
> (The first time we set the <pass> value to 2.)
> It has been suggested that the reason this fstab entry doesn't work is
> that the first partition does not have the ext4 file system.
> --Does any know, is that really the case--that it won't mount partition
> 2 (using the UUID of partition 2) because partition one is a different
> file type? It mounts partition 2 fine manually from the 'mount' command
> (using /dev/sdc2; I haven't tried using the UUID with mount) .
> --if so, can I just delete the first partition and leave blank space? I
> would not want to re-format the whole drive, since we already have
> backup data on it.
> Thanks.
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