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Marc Zuverink mzuverink at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 06:33:21 EST 2010

Matthew Seeley wrote:
> Just a personal opinion, but I've used skype for two years now, and
> never had any issues (Windows, Mac, and Linux clients). I also have a
> paid account,  (unlimited US/Canada calling, and Skype 'landline'
> phone number)  without any issues.
> Never seen spyware either -- a few annoying adverts (only in the
> Windows client) but otherwise, totally clean, fairly reliable.
> -- Matt
> On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 10:01 PM, Topher <topher at t1kdevelopment.com> wrote:
>> I've avoided skype for YEARS because of it's long and heralded tradition
>> of spyware and insecurity.  I'm getting more and more pressure from
>> people to use it because apparently there's no longer any other way to
>> communicate on the internet.
>> Anyone have any opinions on whether Skype is still evil?  Aside from
>> being closed source and therefore immediately suspect.
>> Topher
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I use Skype for work daily and have never had an issue as described
above, currently on Ubuntu 9.10.
I do find it best to install off the Skype page rather than your disro's
prospective repo's, Skype seems to behave much more stable from their
site than other sources.
Skype and all it's features work in 64bit Ubuntu 9.10 land here perfectly.
Just watch the status "Skype ME" and configure your privacy properly.
I just give give it a try...
My two cents.

Marc Zuverink <mzuverink at gmail.com>

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