[GRLUG] Ubuntu live and install issues

Bob Kline bob.kline at gmail.com
Sun May 14 07:18:32 EDT 2006

I downloaded the "live" and "install" versions of
Ubuntu 5.10,  and then "burned" the image on to an
R/W  CD using Nero.

The live version comes up,  but eventually gets
in to trouble with the display.   I get a rather confused
looking display,  and for all practical purposes the
system is wedged.  I ran the same CD on a much
older machine.  It came up fine,  but was far too
slow to be interesting.

The install CD and a blank hard drive results in
"Press a key to reboot."   I press a key,  and get back
to the same message.  As many times as I care to play.
This also occurs on the older machine.

I'm mostly interested in the install.  Does anyone
have any thoughts on what might be going on here?
Just for kicks,  I tried the "make bootable disc" option
on Nero,  but the result is the same.  Is there anything
more to making the CD than using the "burn image"
option?  Might there be any conceivable issue in
using an R/W media?

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