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The group met quite often up to about two years ago.
We'd meet at the ITT facility just off 28th Street,  and
get 10 to 15 people.  Every so often there is a meeting
thread,  but most people say in effect they'd like to but
have too many commitments.  There used to be
periodic meetings at Noshville,  a coffee place on 44th,
on Saturday afternoon,  where people would gather
for a while and just shoot the breeze,  mostly, but not
exclusively, about Linux.  Perhaps a loose topic for
those wanting something of an agenda.  It might be
interesting to call for a meeting like that and just see
who shows up.  But be prepared to be alone.  Unless
something has changed,  you might want to look
elsewhere for a group that meets regularly.  There's
an active group in Kalamazoo.


P.S.,  Noshville is at 2763 44th Street,  west of Clyde Park.

On 5/13/06, jake reynolds <valdin98 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm not new to Grand Rapids or computers. However, the UHACC guys at
> Penguicon talked me into switching over to linux, which I just got around to
> now that school is done. I get great advice and technical knowlege from
> them, but they suggested I see if there was a local LUG that got together
> semi-regularly to hang around and geek out. So, are you guys just a mailing
> list, or do you get together sometimes?
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