[GRLUG] Ubuntu live and install issues

Bill Creswell billcreswell at gmail.com
Sun May 14 08:33:44 EDT 2006

With any distro I have tried, I have varied success and failures with boot
and display on different machines. You will find the Ubuntu live too slow to
be interesting on any machine.

(For live CD's I like SLAX and Austrumi 1.2, both based on slackware, and
fast enough to be useful).

I have several of the distributed CD's if you want one. And several other
distro's you could try. (anybody want to start a library somewhere)

If it came up on the older machine, I would probably rule out CD write

On 5/14/06, Bob Kline <bob.kline at gmail.com> wrote:
> I downloaded the "live" and "install" versions of
> Ubuntu 5.10,  and then "burned" the image on to an
> R/W  CD using Nero.
> The live version comes up,  but eventually gets
> in to trouble with the display.   I get a rather confused
> looking display,  and for all practical purposes the
> system is wedged.  I ran the same CD on a much
> older machine.  It came up fine,  but was far too
> slow to be interesting.
> The install CD and a blank hard drive results in
> "Press a key to reboot."   I press a key,  and get back
> to the same message.  As many times as I care to play.
> This also occurs on the older machine.
> I'm mostly interested in the install.  Does anyone
> have any thoughts on what might be going on here?
> Just for kicks,  I tried the "make bootable disc" option
> on Nero,  but the result is the same.  Is there anything
> more to making the CD than using the "burn image"
> option?  Might there be any conceivable issue in
> using an R/W media?
>     -Bob
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