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When mounting a drive, it has to be given a mount point. Normally this is a
regular folder on the root file system.
For non-removable storage an entry would be created in fstab and the 2nd
field would indicate the mount point.

When the drive is unmounted, the folder remains and will just appear as a
normal folder.
Modern distros will have udev rules to create these directories and mount
drives in a "hotplug" way, many of these will also clean up on dismount
to avoid confusion.

Ubuntu 20 is modern and based on the info you provided, it would seem a usb
drive labeled 0403-0201 was plugged in, but perhaps not cleanly removed.
try dmesg|grep media if this has occurred since the last boot. otherwise,
poke around in /var/log/syslog|messages

On Tue, Jan 17, 2023 at 8:49 PM Grand Rapids Linux Users Group <
grlug at grlug.org> wrote:

> the external usb disk I use for rdiff-backup is only 500 GB and the only
> other USB disk I use is just 8 GB.
> what spooked me a bit was that the mysterious directory at /media/eric
> showed the same amount of free space (629GB) as the main hard drive.
> I tried to umount it with no success. Then from the file browser I sent it
> to trash, which worked. Doesn't look like I messed anything up.
> Thanks.
> EB
> On 1/17/23 20:08, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 17, 2023, 7:50 PM Grand Rapids Linux Users Group <
> grlug at grlug.org> wrote:
> My file browser tells me there's a folder called 0403-0201 at /media/eric.
> Usually directories like that are USB thumb drives that have auto
> mounted.  Can you unmount it?  Have you added any new USB devices that
> might include mass storage?
> Mark
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