[GRLUG] Strange folder at /media/eric

Grand Rapids Linux Users Group grlug at grlug.org
Tue Jan 17 20:48:57 EST 2023

the external usb disk I use for rdiff-backup is only 500 GB and the only 
other USB disk I use is just 8 GB.

what spooked me a bit was that the mysterious directory at /media/eric 
showed the same amount of free space (629GB) as the main hard drive.

I tried to umount it with no success. Then from the file browser I sent 
it to trash, which worked. Doesn't look like I messed anything up.



On 1/17/23 20:08, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 17, 2023, 7:50 PM Grand Rapids Linux Users Group 
> <grlug at grlug.org> wrote:
>     My file browser tells me there's a folder called 0403-0201 at
>     /media/eric.
> Usually directories like that are USB thumb drives that have auto 
> mounted.  Can you unmount it?  Have you added any new USB devices that 
> might include mass storage?
> Mark
Eric Beversluis www.ericbeversluis.com Forthcoming: /For Love of a Father/
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