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 I like Vizio tvs for pretty good quality for a "reasonable" cost. 

I am not thinking very many people use the included "smart" apps on such TVs.......streaming devices from Amazon, Roku, love the latest Google TV streamer.

    On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 5:36:15 PM EDT, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group <grlug at grlug.org> wrote:  
  Can't answer your specific device's question, 
 But, I have quite a few still operating LG devices and I've thrown away quite a few dead Samsung devices.
 On 3/24/21 2:50 PM, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group wrote:
 OK, .. stimulus check in hand, .. time to replace the 20 year old DLP!

Samsung seems to be the market leader, .. but when comparing it is pretty
obvious that they have a good marking department; new models at least
every year, at least three different types, .. .. ..

So, .. questions are:

Is Samsung worth it? Are there any security risks, as the simplicity of
built-in clients for streaming services will most likely get used?

Seems like LG is about 1/3 less, .. AND they use WebOS. Parity?

Thoughts would be appreciated.

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