[GRLUG] Stimulus -> new TV (slightly off topic)

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Wed Mar 24 17:35:35 EDT 2021

Can't answer your specific device's question,
But, I have quite a few still operating LG devices and I've thrown away 
quite a few dead Samsung devices.

On 3/24/21 2:50 PM, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group wrote:
> OK, .. stimulus check in hand, .. time to replace the 20 year old DLP!
> Samsung seems to be the market leader, .. but when comparing it is pretty
> obvious that they have a good marking department; new models at least
> every year, at least three different types, .. .. ..
> So, .. questions are:
> Is Samsung worth it? Are there any security risks, as the simplicity of
> built-in clients for streaming services will most likely get used?
> Seems like LG is about 1/3 less, .. AND they use WebOS. Parity?
> Thoughts would be appreciated.
>          Lee

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