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Grand Rapids Linux Users Group grlug at grlug.org
Sun Mar 21 13:23:04 EDT 2021

In case anyone is feeling more kindly toward Windows these days, I share this experience:

About two days ago I fired up Windows and told it to update. I occupied myself with other things for the hour plus it spent downloading, restarting, and the like. I then left it in sleep mode for a couple of days, assuming I was in good shape to get to work on my taxes today (which I’ve always done on Windows, even now I’ve switched to an inherited Mac box, since TurboTax won’t work on my older Mac OS). 

But stupid me. Windows demanded yet another twenty minutes to do a couple of restarts and updates. And then it wouldn’t restart because I had TurboTax open. The mind boggles. These aren’t new editions of Windows but, supposedly, incremental updates (security and bug fixes).

My sympathies go out to people whose livelihood depends on working with Windows.

Eric Beversluis
Short fiction at www.ericbeversluis.com

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