[GRLUG] Slippery SPAM

Grand Rapids Linux Users Group grlug at grlug.org
Tue Mar 9 18:03:47 EST 2021

I keep getting SPAM mail, in French. I keep blocking the sender and/or marking it as SPAM, but they keep coming. Seems like they have an infinite number of variations they can run on their email domain. 

news at mail3.actu-des-promos-9.fr

I think can change the numeral after ‘mail’ and at the end, and perhaps even the text inbetween.

Does anyone understand what’s happening here and how I can stop these? Or are these maybe spoofed email addresses?

And it seems to me that ‘mail3’ ought to be a registered domain, with the others being sub-domains. But there seem to be a lot of different mail3.* email addresses. Am I missing somethng here?

mail3.fr is for sale (in French); mail3.com is forsale, acc to GoDaddy. mail3.org is a baseball league site. 


Is mail3 some generic email address that might also on some occasion send me valid mail? Or can I safely go to my mail server and blacklist mail3.*?

Eric Beversluis
Short fiction at www.ericbeversluis.com

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