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On Fri, 2021-03-05 at 17:42 -0500, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group
> Yeah, I had to use it for something, and had to manually download it
> and install some older libraries to get it to work.
> Also, it doesn't matter what created the PDF - PDF is PDF.

Well, sort of.  If it is a font issue what you have is a font mapping
issue.  You need to change the font map or install the matching fonts.

This isn't a Linux issue, not really.   I process thousands a PDF a day
which get sent all over the world and fonts go kittywhumpus if they
fontmap is bad.

See the feature "scrubbrush" in the workflow engine I maintain for an

Something like "/usr/bin/pdftocairo  -pdf -origpagesizes input.pdf
output.pdf" may 'fix' the PDF.

If the PDF uses truly exotic fonts... you are pretty much screwed.

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