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At least for my server, it's a tiny kernel with a shit ton of storage, so
everything is a vm!  It's really nice for remote gaming without having your
laptop burning its battery and your laptop.

But I guess the question is more focused on your laptop/desktop.  As others
have said, it depends on your usecase.  I run mac hardware with a
virtualbox windows vm for the rare occasions when I need to hop into
windows to test something (or spin up a windows VPC on $CLOUD_PROVIDER if I
need to test something that needs a "real" windows machine).  8 years ago,
I was running the reverse (windows hardware, linux vm) because that's what
I was used to.


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> On February 23, 2021 at 13:33:42, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group (
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> > > Dual boot is a miserable, awful productivity killer
> That’s what I would have thought, having lived with dual booting for
> several years before virtualization came along. But poking around the Suse
> site I saw references to dual boot and wondered if there was some advantage
> to it I was missing. Presumably it uses less memory to boot just one OS at
> a time, but machines tend to have a lot of memory these days.
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