[GRLUG] XFS on Softraid

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Fri Mar 20 12:05:19 EDT 2020

I am not familiar with rsnapshot. But if this an `md` of mdadm software raid, you might be able to isolate and track down the problem with
./mdadm --monitor —mail=you at yourhost --syslog --delay=300 /dev/md0 --daemonise

where md0 is your container



> On Mar 20, 2020, at 11:51 AM, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group <grlug at grlug.org> wrote:
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> Looking a weird problem with a 7T/RAID6/6 disk softraid: Over the past few
> months, there have been nine occasions when the last rsnapshot has not
> been able to delete due to a dirty filesystem.
> This has occurred a few times over the years (that array is about five
> years old), but rebooting and repairing always has fixed the problem, but,
> unfortunately, after some time it occurrs again.
> The weird part is that on this 7T volume, **ALL** of the issues have
> occurred with ONE snapshot set, which seems very unlikely to me with 20
> active sets.
> So, .. my question is:
> How likely are nine different file system problem in the SAME snapshot
> directory with 20 active snapshots?
>        Thanks!
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