[GRLUG] XFS on Softraid

Grand Rapids Linux Users Group grlug at grlug.org
Fri Mar 20 11:51:56 EDT 2020

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Looking a weird problem with a 7T/RAID6/6 disk softraid: Over the past few
months, there have been nine occasions when the last rsnapshot has not
been able to delete due to a dirty filesystem.

This has occurred a few times over the years (that array is about five
years old), but rebooting and repairing always has fixed the problem, but,
unfortunately, after some time it occurrs again.

The weird part is that on this 7T volume, **ALL** of the issues have
occurred with ONE snapshot set, which seems very unlikely to me with 20
active sets.

So, .. my question is:

How likely are nine different file system problem in the SAME snapshot
directory with 20 active snapshots?


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