[GRLUG] Linux Biolinum font on Mac

Grand Rapids Linux Users Group grlug at grlug.org
Sun Apr 7 22:14:49 EDT 2019

I've got a font question re a Linux font on Mac.

LibreOffice Writer on Mac shows and uses Linux Biolinum font. Yet the font does not appear in any of the font directories on Mac (System/Library/Fonts; Library/Fonts; User/Eric/Library/Fonts).

Linux Biolinum does not show up in the font lists for MS Office or for Scrivener.

Does LibreOffice have its own font storage somewhere?

I downloaded Linux Biolinum to my Linux box a while back. I imagine it got carried to the Mac along with my files, but I'm not sure how. But maybe it comes with LibreOffice when that's installed on Mac. When I use Spotlight to search for "Linux Biolinum," it doesn't return a font file.

When I save a LibreOffice file using Linux Biolinum as a .docx and open it in Word, it says it's using Linux Biolinum, but it's really substituting some more blocky san serif font (not Optima).

Eric Beversluis 
Short fiction at www.ericbeversluis.com

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