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Hi John-Thomas,
This is Mike from Brightside Church.  Your problem is that hdmi doesn't travel over 50 feet without an amplifier.  We tried to do the same thing with the same results.  
What we ended up doing was to convert the signal with a hdmi to cat5 adapter  and then back again at the projector. 
Mike Miller

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> Subject: [GRLUG] VGA / video question
> Guys,
> This is not strictly Linux-related so please indulge me.
> We bought a couple 65" TVs (cheaper than a projector/screen) for Sunday
> morning worship services (lyric projection, etc.). I have a laptop with
> Ubuntu running OpenLP (open source lyric projection). The TVs do not
> have a VGA connector and the laptop only has a VGA connector. I bought
> two VGA->HDMI adapters. When I connect the laptop to this with a short
> VGA cable (~6') I get full 1920x1080. This runs through a 4-port VGA
> video splitter, also with a ~6' cable. Works as it should. However, when
> I connect a 75' video cable from the laptop to the splitter Ubuntu only
> wants 1024x768 (verified via 'xrandr -q' on the CLI). This seems like a
> loss of video signal. Would a VGA signal booster eliminate this? I don't
> want to spend more money without being sure. This seems plain to me, but
> I want to make sure I am not missing anything.
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