[GRLUG] VGA / video question

John-Thomas Richards jtr at jrichards.org
Sun Mar 22 17:01:35 EDT 2015


This is not strictly Linux-related so please indulge me.

We bought a couple 65" TVs (cheaper than a projector/screen) for Sunday
morning worship services (lyric projection, etc.). I have a laptop with
Ubuntu running OpenLP (open source lyric projection). The TVs do not
have a VGA connector and the laptop only has a VGA connector. I bought
two VGA->HDMI adapters. When I connect the laptop to this with a short
VGA cable (~6') I get full 1920x1080. This runs through a 4-port VGA
video splitter, also with a ~6' cable. Works as it should. However, when
I connect a 75' video cable from the laptop to the splitter Ubuntu only
wants 1024x768 (verified via 'xrandr -q' on the CLI). This seems like a
loss of video signal. Would a VGA signal booster eliminate this? I don't
want to spend more money without being sure. This seems plain to me, but
I want to make sure I am not missing anything.
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