[GRLUG] finding dhcp lease info

Josh leapole at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 21:16:32 EST 2014

The guys name is really Johnpaul Delatorre?

Thats fricken awesome!!

On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 4:36 PM, Eric Beversluis <
ebever at researchintegration.org> wrote:

> I just spent a frustrating time (incl 20+ min waiting) on chat with
> Netgear to learn how to find the dhcp leases on one of their wireless
> routers (WPN824N). After being hassled for when and where I bought it (I
> thought Microcenter, but wasn't sure) the guy finally said that you
> couldn't find the info there but had to look at the modem.
> "As I checked my resources about the concern, there is no settings in
> the router which you can configure and view the DHCP list. Because it
> can only be found on the modem's interface.
> Eric Beversluis: ???? That's never been the case with any other wireless
> router I've had. The moden wouldn't know anything about it since the
> NAT'ing is done with the router.
> Johnpaul Delatorre: You can check on the modem's interface where to
> locate the list of DHCP leases and how to configure it."
> Am I totally wrong in thinking this was nonsense? The router is doing
> the NAT'ing and assigning the DHCP leases, so why would that info be on
> the modem and not on the router?
> I'm thinking they just didn't bother to make that info available on this
> particular model. But why would they do that? Surely it's just some
> boilerplate coding to include in the webconfig pages. I don't think I've
> ever had a wireless router that didn't show this.
> Or am I all wet?
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