[GRLUG] Current status of file shareing

Joseph McLaughlin jwm8351 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 23:33:18 EDT 2011

Just wondering about file sharing - A few years back there was kazza, and 

Is file sharing too dangerous today -
Because of viruses -
Because of lawsuits -
If it is ok - what sites would work?


This request is just to find information and does not imply intent to actually 
download illegally.

 There is still a bug in the program must use RAID!

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Subject: menu question

I have multiple (less than 10) Ubuntu boxes!

I would like to execute one program - then pick what I really want to do.

    One source
    Multiple machines 

If I only had one box I would just update the Applications Menu.

Any quick ideas - 

Anything that is to complicated I would just update all the Application Menus by 

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