[GRLUG] "network is unreachable"

Steve Romanow slestak989 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 22:16:09 EST 2010

On Wed, 2010-02-10 at 22:03 -0500, Bob Kline wrote:
> I somehow managed to hose the
> Ethernet connect on a laptop running
> Ubuntu 9.10.  The bottom line is that
> when I try to ping an outside URL I get
> "network is unreachable."  I've done 
> some searching on the Internet for 
> this, but so far nothing clicks.

Im not sure abt dhcpd fixing this, but iirc synaptic has a "download
list" feature that you can feed into wget on another machine (or boot to
a livecd withthis one).

Are you using Networkmanager?  Shouldnt have a lot of ifups and down

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