[GRLUG] "network is unreachable"

Bob Kline bob.kline at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 22:03:18 EST 2010

I somehow managed to hose the
Ethernet connect on a laptop running
Ubuntu 9.10.  The bottom line is that
when I try to ping an outside URL I get
"network is unreachable."  I've done
some searching on the Internet for
this, but so far nothing clicks.

Some relevant things:

*  ifconfig shows that eth0, lo, and wan0
   are gone, so I set them all to "up."

* /etc/resolv.conf looks OK.

* I can ping, but nothing outside.

* "/sbin/dhclient wlan0" was not running,
  so I started it.

*  I've done other A-B comparisons with
   a machine also running Ubuntu 9.10,
  and has a working eth0 port, but so far
  nothing has shown me the key thing
  that is missing.

One suggestion on the Internet was to
use dhcpcd, but I don't have it installed,
and can't do it now.  The machine does
not have a CDROM unit, and of course I
don't have Internet access.....

Does this much suggest anything to try
to anyone?  I've power cycled, but some
software might be missing, and when
I come back up I have to run ifconfig again
to set things up.

   -- Bob
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