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Enormous amounts of fiber trunk capacity
was installed during the halcyon days of the
dot-com era.  Wavelength division multiplexing
of up to 1,024 channels per fiber had been
developed.  It's a fact that much of this trunk
capacity was never turned on, but it's still out

But it's also true that the ability to deliver that
capacity to specific buildings and houses was
never built, because of the dot-com crash.  So
Verizon dinks around with FiOS, but for the
most part fiber to the home is still at best
somewhere in the future.  Maybe businesses
will fare a little better.

   -- Bob

On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 4:38 PM, Adam Tauno Williams
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> The concept of "dark fiber" is almost entirely mythological.  There is a
> lot of unused fiber capacity but that doesn't make it any cheaper to
> connect to.
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