[GRLUG] "real men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it ; ) "

Ben DeMott ben.demott at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 16:11:42 EST 2010

"The belief that an institution is *required *for invention, the pursuit of
knowledge, or the observation of the world is possibly the greatest tragedy
of mankind"

Really new ideas are almost always attacked.
> But for the the perseverance of the originators,
> everything really new would go up in flames
> under mob rule.
Agreed Bob :)

 Linus admitted that when his invention was ridiculed by the creator of Minx
it was the hardest, and most difficult time to continue in development. In
fact he stopped posting in the Minx boards for some times.

Not everyone is thick skinned, and as bone-headed as some of us (myself
included) - All I can ask is we approach ideas with temperance.

As to the Bit Torrent thing:

I can make these points about the bt protocol:

1.) The fitness or validity of a single peer/seed doesn't matter.
2.) Peers can come online and offline arbitrarily
3.) Upload speed can be combined across multiple peers simultaneously
4.) If a portion of a file isn't available it doesn't keep the file from
being downloaded
5.) Validity, checksums, dissassembly-and-reassembly of a file is
6.) You are still unconstrained at having a "Master" seed that is hosted on
dedicated fiber in a AAA security center if you want 100% uptime
guarantees... In Otherwords the nature of the protocol and its "popularity
is required" observation that most people make isn't true if the seed is
"commercially/administratively" backed.
If there is only 1 seed available you would download it at the same speed as
if you were ftp'ing it -> but with all the benefits above added.

I will admit that Rsync can accomplish many of these same things, but not
from multiple sources as far as I am aware... And I'm not sure how good
Rsync is about a file that is partially downloaded and repeatedly
interrupted in its download...
I have experienced failed checksums when sync'ing a Binary file with
Rsync... of course I'm sure people have had failed checksums with the BT
protocol as well.

Either way, thanks Michael for sharing...
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