[GRLUG] sysadmin job opening

Michael Mol mikemol at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 11:44:53 EST 2010

On 2/1/2010 11:39 AM, Ben DeMott wrote:
> Speaking of Press ...Googles new Language GO -> has been getting a ton
> of press, I know literally _NOTHING_ about it.

Someone put it up as a requested language on RC a couple months ago, 
but, sadly, I don't recall seeing anyone come forward with examples. If 
you're looking to learn it, our "unimplemented in language X" pages 
might be a good starter set of problems for you. ;) (However, Project 
Euler is a more traditional approach.)

> Mr. Mol -> We use R along-side several round-robin databases for lots of
> E-commercy things, where the input is based on the ouput, but then again
> modifies the input.
> Differential Calculus... essentially.. It would take a weeks worth of
> headaches to do the things R does in a single line of code.
> Matlab (maybe you've heard of it) is an implementation of S and R
> statistical languages.

Heh...Who hasn't heard of Matlab? I never got to use it, though; Too 
expensive, and GRCC only ever had Maple installed everywhere.  I hadn't 
heard of S before, though.

> lols @ pseudo code...
> I had a professor in college that would literally grade me down because
> he worked for IBM and when I would write Pseudo Code I didn't write EOF
> checks/statements nor would I define a main() -> he said this was
> "Unacceptable Pseudo-Code"
> Apparently everything I learned off the internet was unacceptable... (darn)

I'm fortunate I never had an instructor like that.

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