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Bob Kline bob.kline at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 07:46:47 EST 2009


An amusing look at the last 30 years
of PCs.  One sees the ebb and flow of
ideas and features between platforms,
but also sees people putting a great deal
of effort in to keeping 25+  year old OSes
alive.  While many old OSes contained
interesting features and ideas,  I'd think
most of them have been moved to newer
platforms by now,  and but for various
nostalgia trips, it's hard to see why some
go to such great lengths to try to keep
them alive.

e.g., the best thing to come of Minix was
probably to teach Linus Torvalds enough
about Unix to write Linix.  Up to about
version 6,  Bell Labs used to give Unix
source code to university CS departments
for study.  It eventually stopped doing
that, and things like Minix filled in the
gap some.

But Linux now mounts almost
any file system of interest, so why keep
things like DOS around?  It was last seen
in win98, which, I gather, was mostly an
overlay on DOS.

Otherwise, this is a study in PC history,
which anyone old enough to remember
some of the chestnuts will connect with.

    -- Bob
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