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Eugene Fowler Eugene.Fowler at kentcountymi.gov
Thu Jan 17 08:39:16 EST 2008

I work for Kent County Dept. of Public Works.

We take all kind of batteries, small batteries, UPS, Car.   
The best drop off location for larger batteries is 322 Bartlett (Corner of Bartlett and Market St. Downtown GR.)

Here is a link to Ottawa County and they take car batteries and have a facility in the Georgetown area.

>>> Douglas Rehfeldt <drehfeldtusa at gmail.com> 1/17/2008 6:56 AM >>>
I would consider this topic to be a part of an organizations asset
management process.  And related to IT assets, whether is be hard
drives, backup tapes, paper, or used batteries from UPS's, disposal is
one part of that process.

For some facts: "The lead battery industry is the nation's largest user
of lead, consuming 80% of the lead in the country. For 10 consecutive
years, lead acid batteries have topped the list of the most highly
recycled consumer products with a 96.5% recycling rate in 1996."

Your local government is a good place to start when looking for
recycling information.  Kent County as listed places for battery
recycling on their web site at

Also, some branches of Kent District Library have a battery drop off
inside the library for recycling.  Although this is intended for
home-use battery recycling. 

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