[GRLUG] NFS and Symlinks

Roberto Villarreal rvillarreal at mktec.com
Fri May 19 15:40:32 EDT 2006

Obviously with the 'recommended' solution you don't have to worry about it, 
but what happens if you actually mount to the 'expanded' path directly?  
Perhaps later I'll try to simulate your scenario time permitting, but it 
sounds weird that you would get a *permissions* error when trying to mount 
using a symlink versus the 'real' path...


On Friday 19 May 2006 3:13 pm, zdennis wrote:
> Roberto Villarreal wrote:
> > Not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish... without knowing
> > your intentions, I would think it'd be cleaner to move your data outside
> > the tree anyway, and symlink from the data directory to the mountpoint. 
> > That way, if you decided to use app-1.0 instead of 1.2, it'd just be a
> > matter of changing the symlink from the 1.0 data directory to point to
> > your mount, instead of remounting the volume...
> Mr. Villarreal...  I concur, it would be best to move data outside of
> directory. My exact problem currently lies int he fact that I have a line
> /etc/fstab that states my mountpoint is:
>    /opt/mydir/mydir/mount_point
> and /opt/mydir is really a symlink to /opt/mydir-1.3. But when I try to
> mount the path gets expanded from symlink to the real path, and I get
> permissions error on mounting. When I update myapp-1.3 I would love to just
> unmount, create new symlink, and remount.
> Since I have hit this is this an intended feature of NFS mounts (or
> mounting in general) or is it user error?
> Zach
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