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Bill Creswell billcreswell at gmail.com
Thu May 4 20:01:39 EDT 2006

This topic should be changed to "Testy Comments"

I like not going into root to maintain my system. I am too stupid to install
software that is not in my GUI Synaptic package manager with the resource
lists supplied by Ubuntu, which offers me a pretty decent level of
protection against destroying my own system.

rm-r? , yea right, do you see me opening a terminal? I used that kind of
stuff when it was called VAX.

I got tired of trying to make packages n stuff. I am a windows user.

Unless I start hacking the repository list because I read it in a forum, in
which case I get what I deserve.

I installed it, so I have sudo access. It seems reasonable to me. The nice
programs ask me for it when it is necessary, so if my kids try to use it on
their login, they would have to know my highly secure (snicker) password.

You guys that need root should be running slackware, gentoo or FreeLSD
anyway, distros that guys like me can't even install.

My tongue is only partially in my cheek.

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