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Ron Lauzon rlauzon at gmail.com
Thu May 4 16:43:17 EDT 2006

David Pembrook wrote:
> I don't like how they tried to remove the su to root concept (there is 
> no root password so you can't "su" and must use sudo). I got done with 
> my install and was scratching my head like a lot of other uses 
> thinking "they never asked for my root password". 
I didn't like that either.

I recently got a copy of Ubuntu from Penguicon, so I've started a 
project to make the system to everything (more or less) that I can do on 
my current Mandriva install.

I didn't like the "You want to do something that you normally don't do, 
but just type in your password and I'll let you do it."  So there's 
basically no root security.

I can see why they did this, though.  It's more Windows-ish and the home 
users will have an easier time of it.

Now, you CAN go back in and change the root user's password.  Then you 
can su to root without problem.  But you don't need to be root to do 
that.  Bad.

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