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David Pembrook david at pembrook.net
Thu May 4 08:45:10 EDT 2006

Any distro without clutter is a good thing but... (I'm gonna gripe here 

I tried ubuntu a couple of weeks ago. It installed easy enough. As easy 
as anything else I think.

I don't like how they tried to remove the su to root concept (there is 
no root password so you can't "su" and must use sudo). I got done with 
my install and was scratching my head like a lot of other uses thinking 
"they never asked for my root password". I know what they are trying to 
do and anyone with experience can "fix things" and go back to using "su" 
to manage their box in no time. If you screw your box up as root, well.. 
geesss.. of course thats your fault... but let me make my mistakes LOL.

Does it bother anyone else that they are changing things like that? I 
happen to like god mode... root is one place I still have control in my 
life LOL

For my 2 cents on a good distro, I've fallen into the Debian camp now... 
give me a debian net install cd anytime! I must have my apt. Goodbye 
redhat and fedora!

Oh and I love simply mepis for a live cd linux. Any other good new live 
cd linuxes out there?


Jordan Hudson wrote:
> I love debian, but ubuntu gives me everything I like about debian 
> without the clutter. I used suse for a while, but I found the same 
> clutter as I found in debian. Mandriva was not for me at all, and 
> xandros was like windows with a linux kernel (not good at all, stay 
> away!). I like kanotix, but I want something more permanent. I'm 
> thinking of trying slax or mepis (simply or otherwise), any thoughts 
> on those 2 distros? I love distros!
> On 5/3/06, *Raymond McLaughlin* <driveray at ameritech.net 
> <mailto:driveray at ameritech.net>> wrote:
>     zdennis wrote:
>     > Congratulations! I am sure you will have a long and successful
>     relationship with fedora,
>     > although I prefer debby myself. ;)
>     So did Ian, but then they forked, so I heard.
>     > Zach
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