[GRLUG] 2 ShareUPS for sale

Bill Littlejohn billl at mtd-inc.com
Fri Jun 30 11:31:17 EDT 2006

I just replaced my UPS power monitoring system, and have a couple extra
APC ShareUPS serial interface expanders plus cables.
They are in 'like new' condition.
Picture here: http://www.mtd-inc.com/temp/shareups.jpg

(2) AP9207 ShareUPS
(2) 940-1524C Smart Signaling cables
(2) 940-0023A Unix server cables
(2) 940-0020B Windows server cables

These are going for about $200 each without cables, so I figure
$200 OBO for the whole lot.
I'll ship them UPS free.



Bill Littlejohn
IT Admin - Middleville Tool and Die
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