[GRLUG] mobo wanted

David Pembrook david at pembrook.net
Wed Jun 28 16:46:01 EDT 2006

Good info to know... that does make the search harder. I just hate 
tossing good mem when you can run so many services on those sub giga 
hertz machines (not to mention as a light weight desktop).

Speaking of which, I was playing with a live cd called elive 
(http://www.elivecd.org/) last night. Comes with enlightenment and 3d 
accelerated nvidia drivers out of the box. It boots to a very nice 
looking desktop if you like eye candy. Worth checking out if you want a 
break from kde and gnome. And its Debian based! For kicks, I installed 
tux racer with apt and played that on a live cd system.


Tim Schmidt wrote:
> On 6/28/06, David Pembrook <david at pembrook.net> wrote:
>> Does anyone have a spare motherboard with processor sitting on a shelf
>> collecting dust that takes sdram? I've got a couple gig in 512 sticks
>> (double sided pc133 sdram) I'd love to be able to use. The main criteria
>> is the ability to handle 4 (or more) sticks of 512 sdram (at
>> 66/100/133). I don't mind if its in a case but one is not needed.
>> Contact me off list with the model and what you want for it.
> That's a tough request...  by the time memory controllers could handle
> high-density ram (pretty much all 512Mb sticks are HD), common
> motherboards were only shipping with 2 slots.  You need to be looking
> for something server-class from the SDRAM years in order to find a
> board that can handle 4x 512Mb DIMMs.
> That said, I'm sure there's a board somewhere...  they're just not too common.
> I have a couple of pentium boards (i430TX based) that are really nice,
> with Pentium 200 w/MMx, and they take up to 128Mb DIMMs ;)  Free to
> anyone interested.
> --tim
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