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Al Tobey wrote:
> On 6/19/06, Phillip_L._Hebenstreit at hud.gov
> <Phillip_L._Hebenstreit at hud.gov> wrote:
>>Hello ,
>> I'm looking for a content management system for my own website and wonder
>>if anyone has suggestions. The main requirement is that I need the ability
>>to display a photo gallery within the primary window of the CMS on some
>>pages where the text is normally displayed.
>> I just started experimenting with Drupal this weekend and it seems OK so
>>far, except I've got more research on how to display photo's before I can
>>make a serious decision.

Check out RadiantCMS, http://www.radiantcms.org

It is currently in Alpha, but it looks very simple and nice to use. It doesn't come with all of the bells and whistles that Drupal
has, but from what I hear Drupal can become a nightmare.

We are currently tinkering with RadiantCMS at the grruby users group, if interested we could demo it for you, if you don't have
the time to take the demo tour online at radiant's site.

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