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Al Tobey tobert at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 10:39:04 EDT 2006

On 6/19/06, Phillip_L._Hebenstreit at hud.gov
<Phillip_L._Hebenstreit at hud.gov> wrote:
> Hello ,
>  I'm looking for a content management system for my own website and wonder
> if anyone has suggestions. The main requirement is that I need the ability
> to display a photo gallery within the primary window of the CMS on some
> pages where the text is normally displayed.
>  I just started experimenting with Drupal this weekend and it seems OK so
> far, except I've got more research on how to display photo's before I can
> make a serious decision.

Look as far into the future of traffic as you can when you make your
choice.     Choosing a CMS that can't scale because you don't think it
will have to is not a good idea.   Been there, done that.    None of
them make it easy to move data from one to the other, so making a good
choice at the beginning is critical.

Another thing to watch out for is how much work it will be to
integrate your CMS with the rest of your site if you choose not to go
whole hog and put everything in the CMS.   Sometimes it is easy, other
times it requires jumping through flaming and radioactive hoops.

I've worked with Zope/Plone.    It probably has the nicest interface
for a web CMS out there, but it just doesn't scale.     We (I had lots
of help from others at work) spent about a year working on getting it
to perform and most of the performance came through what can only be
described as hacks.

Something built on LAMP would probably scale well.    Be wary of
anything built on J2EE.     There is a huge up-front cost to acquiring
and installing them with very little benefit down the road.    Some of
the stuff built on Spring may be worth looking at, if you have any
interest in Java.

-Al Tobey

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