[GRLUG] meeting June 21st at 1:00 - Linux History and Website

Bill Littlejohn billl at mtd-inc.com
Mon Jun 12 17:06:08 EDT 2006

I've said it before, but I use DokuWiki and have been very happy with it.
I'm using it for a help wiki, but it could easily serve as a group home 
And without all the fluff of a big CMS also.
Note that I am running mine in anonymous mode, and that security and 
user account are available.
Has some nice stuff like code highlighting also.



Szymon Machajewski wrote:
> Thank you Phillip and I'll put your name next to the intro
> presentation.
> As to CMS, these are great tools.  There is Drupal, pnNuke, e107, Plone
> I've used a few.  They are good, but ... they require updates, patches,
> there is a security issue with the application level logic (not OS, or
> PHP but the PHP code itself).  I've suggested Dokuwiki because it's
> simple and provides collaboration.  I think it makes sens to start
> simple and then move to a more complex environment.  
> Szymon Machajewski
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> Red Hat Certified Engineer
> Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
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>>>> Phillip_L._Hebenstreit at hud.gov 6/12/2006 10:57:54 am >>>
> Hi,
> I'd volunteer to give the History as a basic 20-30 minute
> presentation.
> I'm no expert presenter, but if no one else is willing I will do it. 
> I'd
> like to use the suggested wiki post for the basis of the presentation
> (giving full credit to the site & posts there) that Tim Schmidt
> suggested:
>             > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux 
> Also, the website, couldn't we just use a Content Management System. 
> I've
> used PHP Website before and a friend has suggested Drupal, which I'm
> going
> to try on my website sometime soon.
> with the content management systems we would have an easy to use
> calendar,
> forum and other features without having to have anyone spend any
> development time, except the obvious initial setup.
> Thank you,
> Phillip Hebenstreit
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