[GRLUG] meeting June 21st at 1:00 - Linux History and Website

Szymon Machajewski smachaje at grcc.edu
Mon Jun 12 16:17:22 EDT 2006

Thank you Phillip and I'll put your name next to the intro

As to CMS, these are great tools.  There is Drupal, pnNuke, e107, Plone
I've used a few.  They are good, but ... they require updates, patches,
there is a security issue with the application level logic (not OS, or
PHP but the PHP code itself).  I've suggested Dokuwiki because it's
simple and provides collaboration.  I think it makes sens to start
simple and then move to a more complex environment.  

Szymon Machajewski

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>>> Phillip_L._Hebenstreit at hud.gov 6/12/2006 10:57:54 am >>>


I'd volunteer to give the History as a basic 20-30 minute
I'm no expert presenter, but if no one else is willing I will do it. 
like to use the suggested wiki post for the basis of the presentation
(giving full credit to the site & posts there) that Tim Schmidt
            > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux 

Also, the website, couldn't we just use a Content Management System. 
used PHP Website before and a friend has suggested Drupal, which I'm
to try on my website sometime soon.

with the content management systems we would have an easy to use
forum and other features without having to have anyone spend any
development time, except the obvious initial setup.

Thank you,

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