[GRLUG] Single board computers

Tim Schmidt timschmidt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 02:46:32 EDT 2006

Anyone know of any reasonably priced SBCs out there?  Preferably x86,
but other platforms could be interesting...

I've been working with Netgear WGT634Us for a few months...  They're
amazingly cheap (can be had refurbished for $35), but not as flexible
as a nice SBC.  Here's the specs:

200Mhz MIPS-like CPU
32Mb RAM
8Mb Flash (can store kernel, NVRAM, and filesystem)
1 Mini-PCI slot populated with an 802.11G NIC
1 USB2 port
5 10/100 ethernet ports, all connected to an internal switch, but
individually addressable via vlans.
2 115200 bps 3.3v serial ports (console on one)
7 bi-color LEDs
1 'reset' switch

and the whole shebang runs on 12v, 1 amp...  which is pretty easy to
get just about anywhere.

I'd be especially interested in an x86 or PPC board with a PCI slot
and SATA...  or two PCI slots...  There's always Mini-ITX, but I'd
prefer not to drop over $100 on each board...  Nearly impossible, I
know, but one can hope.


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