[GRLUG] Call for help with NetworkManager on Debian

Grand Rapids Linux Users Group grlug at grlug.org
Thu Feb 2 16:07:18 EST 2023

Hello all,

Once again I am requesting some helpful eyeballs here.
For those who do not remember me, or are new to GRLUG, I am a blind
Linux developer. But that is not the sole reason for my request here.

Problem to be solved:

I recently purchased a used computer. Core I7 16GB. A Dell OptiPlex 7010.
I had a buddy in St. Louis, Mo. install Debian Bullseye on it and ship it to me.
All that went fine. The problem, seems that he inadvertently set up
with a static IP address in the 192.168.4.X range. My LaN uses
192.168.1.X. The computer should request an IP address from DHCP, but
it does it after a reboot. I mean it does not request it after any
reboot or power outage like we had the other night.
I have a script, that I can run manually that does a dhclient -r,
which gets me back up and running so I can log in via SSH.

What my buddy in StL and I have figured out is that NetworkManager
must be  resetting it to its setting when it was being originally
being setup in St. Louis.

Why I need some on-site help:

I'd like it to have NetworkManager default always to 'auto' so it
always gets DHCP, since I may not be staying with my current ISP and
their supplied router. (I should mention that it is using ethernet).
I need someone to come over here and press the right buttons on the
NetworkManager screen for me, as I cannot see themm.
It should not take very long and I can recompense someone for their
travel and time in whatever ways they desire.

Thanks for your consideration in advance, Ed

This missive is from me and no one else. If you got this message and
you are not you, then that is your problem and not mine.

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