[GRLUG] CentOS upgrade path

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Fri Jan 28 09:21:56 EST 2022

We've been migrating to AlmaLinux. We have about 12 VM's and 4 physical hosts running it now. Fresh installs have been no problem but my attempt to upgrade from CentOS 7 -> Alma 8 (via ELevate/leapp) is currently on attempt #8. I haven't tried CentOS 8 to Alma 8.

Not sure about Commercial support - I believe Alma relies on 3rd party offerings from Tuxcare. We used CentOS because support wasn't much of a concern, though there have been a few times when access to access.redhat.com would have been helpful. 

My biggest concern right now is about the speed at which patches are released. There have been a lot of high severity CVE's lately. So far, Alma has been releasing within a day of Redhat's patch.


> On 01/27/2022 5:20 PM Grand Rapids Linux Users Group <grlug at grlug.org> wrote:
> Watched a good presentation last week about Oracle Linux and how they
> track RH repos; the suggestion was that it therefore easier to switch from
> CentOS to a valid open source distro with commercial suppor tavaiable.
> Any validation or problems from folks that have migrated off CentOS?
> 	TIA!
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