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*Mail3* is a subdomain and is changeable by the individuals in control of
the leased primary domain *actu-des-promos-9.fr
Focus on blocking the main domain only. The subdomain can be treated as a
wildcard in the filtering process.
Is it only the subdomain that changes or does the primary domain also
If the primary domain is the one changing then you might want to block all
mail with the top level domain(TLD) *.fr.*
As long as you do not expect to legitimately receive emails from France
this solution will address the problem until they change the TLD they are

James Allen

On Tue, Mar 9, 2021 at 6:03 PM Grand Rapids Linux Users Group <
grlug at grlug.org> wrote:

> I keep getting SPAM mail, in French. I keep blocking the sender and/or
> marking it as SPAM, but they keep coming. Seems like they have an infinite
> number of variations they can run on their email domain.
> news at mail3.actu-des-promos-9.fr
> I think can change the numeral after ‘mail’ and at the end, and perhaps
> even the text inbetween.
> Does anyone understand what’s happening here and how I can stop these? Or
> are these maybe spoofed email addresses?
> And it seems to me that ‘mail3’ ought to be a registered domain, with the
> others being sub-domains. But there seem to be a lot of different mail3.*
> email addresses. Am I missing somethng here?
> mail3.fr is for sale (in French); mail3.com is forsale, acc to GoDaddy.
> mail3.org is a baseball league site.
> ??
> Is mail3 some generic email address that might also on some occasion send
> me valid mail? Or can I safely go to my mail server and blacklist mail3.*?
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