[GRLUG] OpenSource CRM/ERP

Grand Rapids Linux Users Group grlug at grlug.org
Sat Jan 23 09:08:04 EST 2021

Working with a startup drone service business, and we need to build a way
of managing leads and jobs.

Odoo has looked good in the past (we used to have a chap at the LUG that
was very fond of it), but every time I go back more options are missing on
the Community side and costs are higher on the commercial side. My
impression now is that the Community only makes available limited
manufacturing modules and hardly anything for service based operations.

One big miss is that the Odoo mobile module is now commerial, as I'm
thinking that would be a good way to manage jobs in the field.

Has anyone setup Odoo? Is the Community version workable for a service

Appreciate any thoughts, ..


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