[GRLUG] Strange copy behavior

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Good to know.   When the OS on my Mac Mini was installed, there was an option to use upper case file names.   Didn't find out about it until had some problems with copying files.

      Since my Windows XP system died, haven't really needed Windows compatibility, wait, I still have a 98 and an ME system.  Sigh.


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On Wed, 2020-05-06 at 11:23 -0700, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group
> Macs can read ext2.  Just format the thumbdrive on the linux box as
> ext2 and rsync will copy the files without globbing them due to case.

Android will also read such ext_ filesystems.

All recent platforms, with the exception of Windows, will read ext2
filesystems.  ext2 is a much better choice for transferring data
between non-Windows platforms.

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