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Hiya Gents and gentle Ladies.  I did have to rebuild this list when my hosting provider deleted my VPS. I do believe I explicitly changed the "From" behavior to thwart email collectors, but can change it back (if by popular demand).  ??


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On 4/8/19 10:21 AM, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group wrote:
>> This is the only list I'm on that does this, though.  I can't imagine
>> this is uncommon.  What I'm used to seeing is listserv software that
>> adds a "Reply-To" header and leaves "From" the same as in the
>> original inbound message, usually with an "In-Reply-To" reference
>> from a previous message so e-mail clients can keep thread hierarchy
>> straight.  The GRLUG list did this until hosting was moved, and I
>> don't remember any problems with that - take a look at messages prior
>> to February for examples ofhow the headers worked.  So I think it
>> could be made to work.
> The world has changed;  for the worse, IMNSHO, but it has none the
> less.
> Several LARGE proprietary mail solutions have added restrictions on e-
> mail that is breaking the traditional operation of listservs in order
> to [theoretically] deal with SPAM and Malware [distributed and
> autonomous solutions are also more difficult to monetize, so there's
> that].
> Possibly the gecos portion of the address could be left unaltered? - if
> the maillist software supports it; but the "From:" has to work for SPF,
> DKIM, etc... or the message will be ash-canned.
> Note: I am not the list admin.  And as the list admin is not paid
> he|she|they should only be thanked for their efforts.
> P.S.  With the ever expanding "innovative" collaboration platform of
> the month club I've come to really miss NNTP/Usenet.

Oh, I agree.  This list has been maintained in working order for years,
and that is quite commendable.  Whether this input is taken or not, it's
still an excellent service to the community.

GRLUG doesn't have a published DMARC record, and we don't appear to have
an SPF policy, either.  Which means the only thing we've got is senders
sending DKIM-signed messages, which unless they're re-signed by the
listserv software (which it doesn't do, and I get an empty result
querying for pubkeys, so it can't), are only valid if the From address
*doesn't* get changed, provided they've signed the From header.  So all
in all, I suspect we'd actually *improve* our ability to get through
filters if we reverted to the way it worked 3 months ago.

Warm Regards,
Kyle Maas

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