[GRLUG] Linux Biolinum font on Mac

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On Mon, 2019-04-08 at 06:21 -0400, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group
> On Sun, 2019-04-07 at 22:14 -0400, Grand Rapids Linux Users Group
> wrote:
> > I downloaded Linux Biolinum to my Linux box a while back. I imagine
> > it got carried to the Mac along with my files, but I'm not sure
> > how.
> > But maybe it comes with LibreOffice when that's installed on Mac.
> > When I use Spotlight to search for "Linux Biolinum," it doesn't
> > return a font file.
> If you use the Font Viewer on the LINUX box, do you see the font?
> /usr/bin/gnome-font-viewer

If you don't have that fc-list will list fonts files and their aliases
at the terminal.

This command is provided by the fontconfig package.

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