[GRLUG] Rogue packet triggering reboot!

L. V. Lammert lvl at omnitec.net
Mon Oct 17 15:52:52 EDT 2016

This SEEMS to indicate that a packet received on a public IF that has no
open ports triggered a reboot:

Oct 14 17:31:36 <machine> kernel: IPv4: martian source from, on dev br3
Oct 14 17:31:36 <machine> kernel: ll header: 00000000: 00 e0 81 cd 21 b1 00 b0 c2 88 54 1c 08 00        ....!.....T...
Oct 14 17:31:44 <machine> systemd[1]: Received SIGINT.
<reboot in process>

OpenSuSE 42.1, .. host and five VMs.

This server has been rebooting at random times, .. I finally got into
BIOS and set BMC to reboot instead of shutdown (so it doesn't just go to
sleep, but it still is frustrating.

Any thoughts on troubleshooting?



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