[GRLUG] Exim4

L. V. Lammert lvl at omnitec.net
Tue Nov 10 16:26:21 EST 2015

Any Exim folks around? Have an interesting issue with an old CentOS 5 box
that we use for a VNC relay:

It was build with Exim4 in 2007, and I just realized that there tons of
junk mails generated on the system every day, IOW:

 1m  1.5K 1ZwGNe-0001aZ-Gm <> *** frozen ***
          root at omnitec.net

 0m  1.5K 1ZwGOc-0001aj-LC <> *** frozen ***
          root at omnitec.net

So, the question is exactly where is "root at omnitec.net" being generated?
There is a *different* root alias in /etc/aliases:

root: noc at omnitec.net

I just redid the configuration, but no change.

Would anyone have an idea How/where these bogus root email destination is



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