[GRLUG] VGA / video question

Sydney Dykstra sydneyjd at openmailbox.org
Sun Mar 22 22:05:28 EDT 2015

I don't know from experience, but it seems like it might work. I Used 
vga over 50ft once and it ran fine, maybe was a higher quality cord plus 
the splitter was powered before the VGA cord. IMO if you are willing to 
try it, go for the booster, but i have no clue how much or if it will 
help. 75ft is a long way for VGA.
Plus if the splitter is powered i think it would help.(if it is)

For one room we split the video then send it over 2 separate cat5 cords 
for each screen, mainly to be able to control whats on each screen IIRC.

How were you doing it before you bought the TVs? The VGA cord? It worked 


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