[GRLUG] No ssh!

L. V. Lammert lvl at omnitec.net
Tue Jan 27 19:21:02 EST 2015

Trying to fix an ancient Fedora 9 box, .. it "seems" like outbound ports
are being blocked (i.e. firewall for which we have not access), BUT nmap
shows plenty of open ports.

 * The fact that nmap shows open ports is confirmation that access is not
   blocked, right?

 * Is there anything wonky in Fedora 9 that might be causing an issue? I
   did update the machine, and it finally found some working repos.

 * Looking at ssh debug output, it appears to hang after looking for keys:


debug1: Connection established.
debug1: permanently_set_uid: 0/0
debug1: identity file /root/.ssh/identity type -1
debug1: identity file /root/.ssh/id_rsa type -1
debug1: identity file /root/.ssh/id_dsa type -1


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



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